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5 Pest Control Myths You Need to Stop Believing

If you see rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, or any other kind of pest in a home, the initial assumption might be that the people who live there don’t keep a particularly clean environment. Many myths have been propagated throughout the years concerning insects and rodents, and it seems as though everyone has an opinion on how to deal with them.

Keeping your property free of pests is important for health and safety. Although this practice can effectively protect your home and yard from unwanted visitors, numerous misconceptions about it can make it hard to put into practice. That’s why this post will dispel this and other pest control myths that have persisted in the past because of the subject’s controversial nature. Let’s take a look.

Myth #1- Cleaning Prevents Pests

No matter how well you take care of your house, pests will eventually find a way in. Pests are drawn to warm, damp places, so it doesn’t matter how clean your house is; they’ll probably end up there eventually. Bed bugs, cockroaches, and carpenter ants, among others, invade homes for two reasons: they need a warm, safe place to rest and eat.

Don’t misunderstand it; tidiness in the house is still mandatory. This is a good starting step toward achieving your goal of a pest-free house by reducing the likelihood of bedbugs, rodents, and other unwanted visitors. Nonetheless, if insects or rodents show up, don’t panic; this is not an indication of filth or structural damage.

Myth #2 – Rodents Don’t Pose Any Threat

Although rodents might be adorable at first glance, they can cause significant harm to your household and well-being if left unchecked. Some infectious diseases that spread to other animals can be transmitted to people. Among the many different kinds of viruses, hantaviruses are the ones most commonly transmitted by rodents.

Inhaling aerosolized urine, excretions, or saliva from rodents can induce hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, a life-threatening lung condition. Mice and rats are notorious for causing structural damage to homes by chewing their way in through electrical cables and ceiling panels. Furthermore, their feces and urine can spread infectious diseases, including hantavirus and rat-bite fever.

Myth #3 – You Only Need Pest Control Services When You Have An Infestation

Many believe they only require the services of an exterminator if they find bugs or other signs of an infestation. On the contrary, this isn’t the case. You can’t tell if you have an infestation without consulting with the top pest control services in your area. Infested homes absolutely require pest treatment and routine visits from an expert.

Although many pest-related issues can be fixed with non-chemical approaches, the most effective control technique is still prevention. The only way to achieve this is by using reliable pest control methods, such as hiring a reliablepest control company in Benton Harbor.

Myth #4 – Summer Is The Ideal Time For Pest Infestation

There is some truth to this myth, although it can be deceptive. Though pest infestations can happen anytime, spring and summer tend to see the most activity. By winter rolls around, bugs have made themselves at home in your house, and they’re prepared to hibernate there for the season.

They might move to various locations in the spring to start breeding there. As the summer progresses, pests of all kinds start looking for places to store food and hide from the coming winter. As the seasons change from summer to fall, newly hatched insects mature and help their parents store food for the winter. Because of the persistence of this cycle, pest infestations can happen at any time of year.

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Myth #5 – Bees Only Sting One Time

There is a widespread misconception that bees only sting once. That, however, couldn’t be further from the unpleasant fact. While honeybees are limited to a single sting, stinging insects like yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets have much more extensive capabilities. For people with severe allergies, this could be fatal. When you find a nest, call your pest control company immediately so they can stay on top of it.

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As for pest control and insects in general, you can’t believe anything you hear. They may be only urban myths! If precautions are taken, an issue can be avoided totally. That’s why you should get in touch with Kal Pest Solutions. They are one of the best providers of pest control services in Benton Harbor.

Their wide range of services includes insect inspection in Benton Harbor, termite treatment in Benton Harbor, rodent control in Benton Harbor, and a lot more. Contact them today to learn all about them.

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