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Discovering Cherry Creek Charm: Exploring Unique Home Architecture

Denver’s Cherry Creek is an affluent and vibrant neighborhood comprising some of the most stunning architectural styles in the state. While construction in the area began over eight decades ago, most homes only started coming up after WWII. Many of these homes have since been remodeled into larger, more contemporary styles. However, Cherry Creek retains a healthy number of expansive states in unique styles. Here is a catalog of some of the intriguing architectural styles in this affluent area.

A Mix of Tastes

Cherry Hills real estate dates back to 1938. After World War II, construction in the area featured a wide variety of architectural styles, ranging from mid-century ranches to Tuscan estates and colonial villas. As you explore the area today with Cherry Creek CO real estate experts Lawton & Smith Real Estate, you will realize that many lots are bigger than one acre. This expansive size allows homebuilders to produce unique architectural styles that complement rather than clash with other homes around.

Architectural styles in Cherry Creek vary depending on the location. Homes to the East and North are attached, so they maintain a more modern, open-style, and standardized format. Only 20 percent of Cherry Creek East and North homes are single-family units. To the South, however, most families are single-family detached estates. The traditional one-story ranch style is prevalent here.

Denver Squares and Bungalows

Denver Squares are synonymous with Colorado, and you can find the traditional Foursquare design in some parts of Cherry Creek. Popular in the early 1900s, this style comprised a box-shaped frame, large windows, and a wide covered porch. Denver Square homes are often found alongside the popular bungalows, which are smaller and more compact. Cherry Creek bungalows also feature a covered porch but are more craftsman-leaning and tend to be single-story.


Living in Cherry Creek, you can expect to see more than a few ranches. Drawing their inspiration from the Spanish haciendas, these homes were all the rage in the Southwest during the 1920s. They are extremely popular in Cherry Creek today, especially among older residents who prefer single-story living. Due to their attached garages, Cherry Creek ranches differ from Craftsman and bungalow-style homes. They also feature sliding doors that open to patios and a low roofline.

Cape Cod

The Cape Code style developed in the early 18th century. Cherry Creek homes in this style date back to the 1950s and range from newer models with multi-gables to classic offerings with dormers and simple lines. Naturally, Cape Cod homes are huge, so they are single-family properties. Despite their size, they exude a very warm and timeless aesthetic espoused by the durable siding, welcoming entries and front doors, shutters, and white picket fence.

Modern and Mid Century Modern

The modern style became popular in the 1950s. It features geometric shapes and clean lines representative of the intellect and sophistication of the time. Usually, the homes are single or multi-level with elaborate outdoor spaces and large picturesque windows. The Mid Century Modern style is considered the precursor and more organic format of the Modern style. It differs from its successor in that it is more minimalistic and light.

Explore Cherry Creek’s Evolving Landscape with a Denver Real Estate Agent

The many homes for sale in Cherry Creek come in a variety of unique architectural styles, each with its own allure. If you want to move to this Denver haven, start exploring the many treasures of the town as a knowledgeable real estate agent. Contact Lawton & Smith Real Estate today to schedule a consultation and discuss your home needs with a Cherry Creek real estate expert.

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