April 14, 2024

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What Causes An Evaporator Coil To Freeze?

An evaporator coil plays a crucial role in the functioning of your HVAC system. It is responsible for absorbing heat from inside your home, and it is what makes your home feel cool and comfortable. However, when an evaporator coil freezes, it can cause a variety of problems for your HVAC system and home comfort.

What Leads to the Freezing of an Evaporator Coil?

Low Refrigerant Levels

One of the most common causes of an evaporator coil freeze is low refrigerant levels. Refrigerant is what helps absorb heat from your home and transfer it outside. When there is not enough refrigerant in your system, the evaporator coil can freeze. If you suspect low refrigerant levels, it’s important to have a professional HVAC technician check your system and add more refrigerant if necessary.

Blocked Air Flow

Another common cause of an evaporator coil freeze is blocked airflow. When the airflow to your evaporator coil is restricted, it can cause the coil to freeze. This can be caused by a dirty air filter, a clogged air duct, or a malfunctioning fan. To prevent this, make sure to replace your air filter regularly and have a professional HVAC technician check your air ducts and fan for any issues.

Thermostat Issues

Thermostat issues can also cause an evaporator coil to freeze. If your thermostat is not functioning properly, it can cause your HVAC system to run continuously, leading to a frozen evaporator coil. If you suspect that your thermostat is the cause, it’s important to have a professional HVAC technician check and repair it.

How To Prevent An Evaporator Coil Freeze

To prevent an evaporator coil freeze, it’s important to have regular maintenance performed on your HVAC system. During a maintenance visit, a professional HVAC technician will check your refrigerant levels, airflow, and thermostat to ensure that everything is functioning properly. Additionally, you can take steps to prevent an evaporator coil freeze by:

  • Replacing your air filter regularly
  •  Making sure your air ducts are clear and free of debris
  • Checking your thermostat and having it repaired if necessary

In conclusion, an evaporator coil freeze can be caused by several factors such as low refrigerant levels, blocked air flow, and thermostat issues. Regular maintenance and taking steps to ensure proper functioning of your HVAC system can help prevent an evaporator coil freeze. If you experience any issues with your HVAC system, it’s important to seek professional help from experienced HVAC technicians. 

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