April 14, 2024

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Follow These Tips To Retain The Appearance and Life of Your Rugs

Many people like to incorporate rugs and carpets into their houses. They use rugs or carpets to add to the looks or to give the room a finishing touch. A woolen rug can provide exceptional warmth and beauty in the home. Rugs merge design elements bring a room together.

However, you need to maintain these pieces of your floor covering to maintain the vibes and look of your home. If you take proper care of your rugs, they will last for generations. Making things clean and getting them dirty is a consummate circle of life. It is a repetitive course of scrub and rinses. The area covered by rugs are no exception to this. 

It is always wise to do rug cleaning regularly. It will help you clean dirt, dust, moisture, animal fur, foot traffic, and spills. At the same time, make an appointment with professional rug cleaners such as Bluegrass cleaning company for an annual cleaning. The Bluegrass cleaning company uses the best equipment and natural product for cleaning your rugs and carpets. They have experienced staff on board to provide fast service.

The foot traffic, dirt, and dust substantially impact the condition and appearance of your rugs. Here are a few handy cleaning tips to keep your area rugs clean and preserve their life for a long time. 

Proper cleaning and using rug pads

When someone talks about cleaning your area rugs, they talk about regular vacuuming. You can opt for the Bluegrass Cleaning Company for rug cleaning, but you cannot do it every time. In that case, you can vacuum clean your rugs regularly on both sides. Although, it does not clean deeply or remove all debris deeply.

It certainly cleans up some dust and dirt and reduces allergens trapped within the fibers. Vacuuming keeps the rug relatively dust, dirt, and allergen-free until professional cleaning. Another way is using rug pads to protect your area rugs. The proper foundation underneath will keep the floor covering secure in place. It will also prevent premature aging, retain its original appearance, and protects it underneath.

Other things you need to consider include –

  • Clean spills instantly
  • Rotate rug for even wear
  • Get professionals to clean annually

Rug vacuuming tips

Here are a few rug maintenance in Georgetown, KY tips for you. A standard upright vacuum for a cut pile carpet. A beater bar or the spinning brush is best to clean these rugs. Use the suction-only features to clean a deep pile rug to prevent pilling and fuzzing. Regular vacuuming keeps the carpet flat and dingy and reinstates life to the fibers.

Sweep or hand clean if the rug has fringe, do not vacuum the delicate edge of these rugs. Your area rugs will lose their appearance if positioned in a bright sunlit room. However, using drapers or blinds can block direct sun and prevent sun damage to an extent. You can also rotate your floor covering annually to reduce uneven fading and wear. 

Remember one thing, proper vacuuming not only keeps your rugs clean, but will protect you and your family from respiratory problems and retain the appearance and life of your area rugs.

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