July 15, 2024

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How Baboon Butts Affect Your Portrait Photography

Inside a previous photo tips article we discussed how adding people – putting on Kodak yellow – for your landscape photography might help them become better, more engaging photos and eventually become contest winners. Today, we’ll discuss adding red for your portrait photography.

Interesting historic note: Are you aware that George Eastman (founding father of Kodak) committed suicide? He shot themself within the heart and created a note saying: “My jobs are done. Why wait?”

In the current photo tip we will continue our analysis of color but instead of landscape photography, that one will probably be focused on individual portrait photography. Pretty women to become exact.

This is a unbelievable utilization of color. It’s deep mental triggers – which I have only lately discovered on the show about human behavior and a few of the ingrained triggers that people will not help but act upon.

Everything dates back to baboon butts.

Apparently whenever a female baboon is able to mate, its’ rear finish turns a vibrant red. Within the centuries this color – red – has labored its distance to our psyches and triggers an intimate response.

Before you decide to ask, I am a professional photographer, no anthropologist… I do not know how this trigger got from baboons to humans. It simply did Рso we act upon it!

There has been a lot of movies and songs discussed “The Woman In Red!” I am sure guess what happens I am talking about.

However this show went even more than simply telling us this “mental trigger” phenomenon exists. They attempted to prove it!

First they hired a fairly girl. She was a beautiful actress and made an appearance to stay in her twenties.

Next they’d her placed on a White-colored dress. They required her to some location which had lots of feet traffic so that as men went by, they’d her inquire if they’d offer her $ 1.

She clearly wasn’t indigent, therefore the excuse was that they wished to buy a container water but had left her purse at work. (She what food was in the bottom of a lengthy group of stairs and also the assumption was that she’d need to climb these to get her purse.)

From 50 men, she could get 8 dollars. Really, in my experience, that wasn’t harmful to about ten or 15 minutes.

Then, they’d her placed on a red dress.

The gown was the identical design the only real change was from white-colored to red. Obviously it had been exactly the same girl, within 24 hours, same position and inside a couple of minutes of the identical time!

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