May 29, 2024

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How To Clean A Gas Oven

Have you ever stepped into a kitchen and wondered where to begin all of the cooking since the gas oven was dirty? Ovens need to be cleaned regularly as it is one way to keep them in tip-top condition and make sure they work efficiently and last longer. Additionally, having a clean oven is also a healthy way of life as it reduces the risk of diseases. Are you wondering where to get started with oven cleaning? You are in the right place! Here is a guide on how to clean a gas oven;

Start with the stovetop

One of the dirtiest places in the gas oven is the stovetop. When cooking, the food often boils over and spills on the stovetop. Therefore, ensure that you clean every bit of the stovetop, including the burners. Baking soda works perfectly when cleaning the gas burners. Mix a tablespoon of water with baking soda and scrub the surface with a clean cloth. On the other hand, white vinegar is good for removing stubborn stains that may be left behind.

Clean the knobs

Sometimes gas knobs might stop working, and licensed electricians can help you sort that out. However, sometimes they may seem hard to twist simply because of dirt buildup. To clean the knobs, apply some baking soda with a brush, let this sit for about 10 minutes, then rinse the area with hot water. After rinsing, use a clean, dry towel to wipe the area and repeat if necessary until you get a shiny surface. Also, when scrubbing the knobs, be gentle to avoid removing the markings.

Deep clean the oven

If you love baking or grilling, you know the aftermath after baking. All that mess has to be deep cleaned before using your oven again. Therefore, you will need to remove the oven racks and the bottom grill. Remember that you should never use steel wool or any other abrasive materials when cleaning your oven as they will scratch it. Instead, you can use a sponge, warm water, and soap to clean the bottom of your oven, after which you can scrub it using baking soda. You can mix vinegar and some water, spritz on a soft cloth, and then wipe down the surfaces for an extra shine.

Clean the glass door

The glass on the door of your gas oven is where most of the grime and dirt build up over time. Ensure that you clean the glass door on your oven regularly with a thick paste of baking soda and water. Let the paste sit for several minutes, then use a damp cloth to wipe it off. After that, wipe it dry with a clean towel. However, note that some oven doors are made up of two glasses. In such cases, you might need to unscrew the glass, clean it, and screw it back. You can also use a small vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and crumbs that may be stuck in the door tracks.


The next time you will be cleaning your gas oven, be sure to use the above-mentioned tips. Your gas oven will thank you!  




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