April 14, 2024

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Life in Silicon Valley: A Newcomer’s Guide to Living in the Coveted Los Gatos Community

Located at the heart of Silicon Valley, Los Gatos is a haven of luxury living. This charming city is famous for its rich history, breathtakingly idyllic scenery, vibrant community, and unrivalled access. Buying a home in Los Gatos puts you smack in the middle of a coveted community with world-class restaurants, safe streets, and beautiful homes. But there is a lot more to Los Gatos than its scenery and access. If you plan to move here, this newcomer’s guide will tell you all you need to know about this city.

Cost of Living

Although a highly coveted community, Los Gatos is one of the most expensive communities to live in California. A recent study ranks it the 26th most expensive city in California, and the cost of living here is about 136 percent higher than the national average. Naturally, homes for sale in Los Gatos sell for a lot more than the national average too, at a $1.8 million median price. That said, if you can afford these prices, there is nothing not to love about life in Los Gatos. 

Top Neighborhoods

The Los Gatos community is not very big but boasts some variety. Downtown Los Gatos is the vibrant and lively part of town with many of the shops, restaurants, art galleries, and cultural attractions concentrated here. However, if you prefer to live away from the hustle of the city, Los Gatos Hills is ideal. This tranquil community nestled in the foothills boasts luxury homes for sale in Los Gatos, many of which have panoramic views of the mountains.

The Alameda is another tranquil hidden gem, with tree-lined streets and easy access to the Los Gatos Creek Trail. Old Town offers charm and history and, if Victorian homes sound good to you, you will love this neighborhood.


The Los Gatos area is served by an exceptional school district, and many schools in the area are highly rated. Los Gatos High School has consistently ranked as one of the best high schools in California thanks to its extensive extracurricular program, dedicated faculty, and rigorous curriculum. Many of the schools offer supportive learning environments and enviable academic programs.

Outdoor Recreation and Entertainment

There is a lot to keep you engaged in Los Gatos. Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the city features multiple camping grounds, hiking trails, rivers, lakes, and other features nature lovers will enjoy. You can hike, walk, camp, picnic by the lake, or kayak – the choice is yours.

Indoors, Los Gatos is just as exciting as it is outdoors. Residents can enjoy live performances at the Los Gatos Theatre, many community events Downtown, art exhibitions at the New Museum Los Gatos (NUMU), and more. Local spots like C.B. and Charley’s LG offer great food, drinks and live music.

Explore Los Gatos Homes for Sale with Mark Vantress

The Los Gatos real estate market might be expensive, but it remains highly coveted due to the many perks of living in this vibrant city. If you have chosen Los Gatos for your next home, contact residential real estate sales expert Mark Vantress to discuss your next steps. Mark has an intimate knowledge of Los Gatos and just the right amount of passion and experience to lead you to your dream home.

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