July 15, 2024

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Purchasing Wicker Furniture? Here’s What You Should Know

When faced with the challenge of selecting furniture, many readers may be unfamiliar with the phrase “wicker.” This is understandable. When many of them find out that wicker is the name of a weaving process rather than the name of a particular sort of material, they are astonished and disappointed. Wicker furniture may be created from a variety of natural and man-made materials, in addition to natural resources, that are pliable and robust enough to be woven into furniture.

Was Wicker ever a word to you?

When it comes to furniture, the name “wicker” refers to a range of plant fibres such as vines, grasses, and flowers that are woven together. It is because of the rattan plant that wicker furniture is often referred to as rattan furniture. Wicker Porch furniture is made from a variety of plants, including rattan. Wicker furniture is a popular choice for outdoor spaces as well as coastal-style houses.

Another thing to keep in mind is that wicker is not only for outdoor usage; it can be utilized both inside and outdoors with relative ease and is quite versatile. Although the material utilized in its manufacturing varies depending on where it is intended to be used, there are some similarities between the two.

Indoor vs outdoor use: What’s the difference?

As a result of the greater demands put on outdoor furniture, synthetic vinyl and resins are often used by many outdoor furniture makers. It must be able to tolerate environmental factors such as wetness, sunlight, and severe dryness, depending on the climatic conditions.

The use of organic and natural materials for indoor furniture is more widespread than for outdoor furniture since it is in a more protected setting. ​

The Weaving Techniques

When it comes to the construction of Wicker Porch furniture, a similar weaving procedure is employed for both organic and synthetic materials, according to the manufacturer. As a result, both kinds of materials have the same wicker appearance, which is attractive.

You can get wicker furniture in a wide range of designs and weaves, so you can furnish your home with items that are both contemporary and classic in style. Wicker furniture is also available in several colours, in addition to more natural or white finishes. You can buy wicker furniture in a variety of colours in addition to more natural or white finishes.

Wicker is made from a variety of different materials

Several different types of materials are utilized to create wicker furniture, and each one has its unique characteristics.

In terms of organic materials, there are four main types: rattan, reed, willow, and bamboo. Rattan is the most common of these for indoor wicker furniture, followed by willow and bamboo. Because it is typically used to create the frames around which wicker may be weaved in furniture, rattan (the thin, elastic stem of a palm tree) has various applications in the industry.

These organic materials should not be utilized for outdoor furniture since moisture and excessive sunshine might cause degradation in the components used to make them. Due to the drying and fraying of the fabrics, the furniture will become unusable in a short period.

Aside from having aluminum frames, outdoor wicker furniture is often lighter in weight than inside wicker furniture. When creating this furniture, synthetic or man-made fibres are used. Though they have a similar appearance to wicker, aluminum and synthetic vinyl and resins are far more durable and will survive much longer outside, even in direct sunshine and dampness.

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