July 15, 2024

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Stunning shade: signs it’s time to install bistro blinds    

Aussie home entertainers revel in designing elegant spaces to host friends and family. From gorgeous gardens to pools and patios, there are many ways we can optimise our homes for having our loved ones around for a barbie in the sun.

However, the Aussie sun can be relentless, so it’s important to adequately protect your guests from its gnarliest rays. One of the best ways to do this is bistro blinds, designed to provide ample sun protection whilst creating a stylish aesthetic that everyone will love!

And, if you’ve noticed any of these signs, then perhaps it is time to install them in your own entertainer’s garden?

  • You want to beautify your space

The best way to create a stylish entertainment area is to start with the best bistro blinds Mornington Peninsula homes can install. If you love entertaining but find your garden doesn’t live up to your personal conviviality then it’s time to change. After all, you can be the best host going around, but if your entertainment zone is something left to be desired then you need to optimise it!

Once you have installed this design you will have the perfect outline for completing the space. Next, you can install pretty much whatever you want in there to complete the look: lounges, outdoor kitchen appliances, televisions for watching the summer series etc.

The point is that installing these stunning shades provides the perfect border for what is sure to be a pretty ultimate entertainment zone!

  • You want to provide ample sun protection

Because who hasn’t been to a barbie and found themselves shvitzing in the sun! It invariably leads to calls of, “ooft, it’s too much out here – let’s go inside!” You should be able to fully enjoy a gorgeous summer’s day without having to run from the midday sun.

One of the best ways to create a sun-smart entertainer’s area is to install high quality shades. They provide ample protection from the sun whilst maintaining that breezy outdoor vibe. It provides the best of both worlds, with plenty of air and circulation whilst ensuring you don’t fall victim to the great Aussie sunburn!

  • You want to enjoy your garden in winter

Peninsula winters can be rough. Closer to the southern coast, it seems like winters here are a few degrees cooler than those for our Melbourne counterparts. As such, this can make enjoying the outdoors in winter super difficult, especially when an arctic 10 degree day comes rolling through!

But it’s your home, your garden and you should be able to enjoy it to the fullest. This is one of the best ways installing bistro blinds can optimise your outdoor setting. You can set up a space that is fully protected from the biting winter winds, ensuring you can still enjoy your outdoor area despite the nastiest Peninsula weather trying its best to deter us from getting outside.

  • You simply want to make the most of your home

Every homeowner wants to optimise their space. After all, land doesn’t come cheap these days, and so there’s no reason to allow any beautiful garden to go without use. If you want to throw a ripping party or simply have somewhere to kick back at all times of the year, this is the perfect solution for you.

Made from high quality materials, these shades are designed to insulate and optimise your garden’s goodness!


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