May 29, 2024

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Tips on Selecting the Best Moving Company

Proper organization of a move means a lot of time and effort spent on preparing furniture and belongings. Hiring a professional is a great idea, allowing you to save a lot of time and effort. 

But how can you check a company’s professionalism and trust it in organizing your move? How can you find out about the level of the local movers NYC and the scale with which they work before you start moving?

General Recommendations

You can competently organize your move with a reliable company by conducting a small selection among the companies available on the market. We asked the best local movers how to choose the right company, and here are the professional opinions.

Analyze the Site

It is worth paying attention to the website. As a rule, it is not several pages with long-memorized and beautifully written offers to move efficiently and quickly. It is a full-fledged informative site with a detailed list of the primary services provided, examples of work, and reviews (written or video).

Check the Reviews

Google Maps are the prominent landmarks. This service has strict moderation and is the leading platform for reading examples from actual moves. Type “office movers near me” and study the results. There are many services for publishing existing reviews from the social networks of a moving company, but the company is not always even aware of this. At the same time, you can easily stumble upon sites where only negative reviews are written explicitly by people who have never even contacted the company for help with moving.

Use Social Media

In modern times, one of the critical factors of trust is the support of social networks and how “alive” the company is. You can observe the life of the teams, see examples of work, rare types of furniture being transported, etc. In addition, you can watch video reviews from clients who have already contacted local moving Brooklyn, read these reviews, participate in discussions, and ask questions, where the users themselves will help with advice and life hacks.

Talk with the Mover

Well, the final point in making a decision will still be a call, correspondence in a messenger, or sending a moving task to the company’s email and the manager’s response. The manager’s job is to outline in advance the whole picture of the upcoming move, based on the data provided by the clients, and also to estimate the cost, considering all possible options for transporting furniture.


You can neglect the sources of information listed above only in one case: your loved ones have already used the services of a particular company and can recommend it. In other situations, you will have to carefully analyze a lot of data so as to avoid making a mistake with your choice. Choosing a good moving company is the key to a smooth and hassle-free move, so pay attention to this process. First, familiarize yourself with examples of work, visit the website, ask any questions to the manager, and get answers to them.

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