February 28, 2024

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Why Get Artificial Grass For Commercial Or Residential Area

When it comes to landscaping, people find the popularity of lawns that adds aesthetics and value to every outdoor garden to make it more inviting and attractive. Since it gives light to the overall design of one’s area, it remains important.

Before, the use of natural turf was the only option available for lawns. To achieve its richly green grass, having continuous maintenance such as overseeding, aeration, fertilizing is required. But with advanced technology, artificial grass offers a new alternative that people begin to like. 

For someone who wants to update their residential or commercial outdoor living areas, acquiring a lawn is a viable option. Obviously, assessing which alternatives is better between natural grass or synthetic grass is a challenge. If you want a convenient and less costly one, opting for fake grass might be a solution for you, and here are the reasons you should consider it.

Low maintenance

Artificial grass has the slightest maintenance that includes only a quick rinse of water to extract the mud and specks of dirt as well as odor control. 

Also, synthetic turf doesn’t have water requirements, mowing, or fertilizing, making it more cost-efficient and time-consuming, as you won’t be needing to take care of it regularly than natural turf.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Durable

Fake grass comes in different styles, dimensions, and colors which makes it more realistic. Since it’s an artificial fiber made from polypropylene or polyethylene, it looks like a real lawn. 

In terms of durability, synthetic turf also lasts from 25 years without being subject to any mottled, as it is resistant to changes in weather. 

Good for recreational activities

Because a synthetic lawn is resistant to wear, it can withstand extreme outdoor activities like soccer while retaining its good-looking feature. 

Also, artificial grass for school playground is perfect for childrens’. Aside from its free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, it also has the softest but thick textures that can be used for other recreational activities like golf, tennis, or bocce ball.

It is environmental friendly 

Fake grass has no irrigation requirement which can save a substantial amount of water. Since it doesn’t need fertilizers, it’s free from pest issues that are good for the environment.

Artificial grass is a viable option that can help homeowners improve their home landscaping. If you are looking for artificial grass solutions, check out Easy Turf. Contact us at 1800 327 988 for more information.

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