July 15, 2024

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Your Living Space: Tips for Making the Most of Small Rooms

Your home may be small, but with a few easy tricks, you can add visible square footage, making it appear larger. If you have a very small house or flat, it is easy to feel frustrated when arranging furniture, feeling there’s not enough room. However, take heart; by using some simple tricks, you can make the most out of whatever square footage you have.

Maximising a Small Kitchen

When you have a tiny kitchen, every square inch counts. That is why you have to exploit your space to accommodate all your kitchen items. Downsize kitchen appliances; You probably have way more gadgets than you need. Look for large items that take up too much space and find ways to store them.

Toss any useless items, including those in your junk drawer. For example, do you need all those used candles, dough cutters, and other things you never use?

Fit racks and shelves

Another easy way to make extra counter space is to fit racks and shelves. Pan and pot racks present easy access when cooking.

Put up spice racks and shelves to hold boxes and canned food. Look for spaces to install shelves that you can hide by closing a door. Other space-saving ideas include tilt-out bins, lazy susans, and covert under-the-counter closets.

Tricks for small living rooms

You don’t necessarily need more space, but you can visually create the illusion of room.

Diagonal arrangements

Organize your furniture diagonally. The hypotenuse of a triangle is the lengthiest of its three sides, so this makes sense. In other words, when you see a room from corner to corner, it seems longer.

Use mirrors

Cladding a wall with mirrors permits you to reflect light, opening up limited hallways. Place a mirror on each side of the front door to create reflections, thus causing a room to seem larger.

Move your couch

Where does your couch face? Just by placing it in a spot facing the living room entrance, you will create an illusion of space.

Select light colours

Besides choosing lighter colours for your walls, select light colours for your furniture. Use multi-purpose furniture: Select end tables and coffee tables with drawers and look for furniture that offers storage and beauty.

Creating More Space in Small Bedrooms

Bedrooms can quickly become cluttered: Dressing tables seem to be the catch-all for all those things you meant to put away in their appropriate places. If you have small bedrooms, it is imperative to ensure they are uncluttered, as disorder can makes a room appear even smaller.


If you have more than one child in a bedroom, use bunks.

Select beds with storage drawers. You can find some lovely storage beds with plenty of room in the base.

Remove unneeded items

Take stock of all bedroom furniture and items, asking, Do I need that? Keep only necessities in your bedrooms.


If your bedrooms are carpeted, it is best if they are light coloured and vacuumed regularly. Again, use bright colours for the floor. Limit the number of area rugs, as too many make a small room look even smaller. Tiling or wood floors give an impression of more space than carpeting. Finally, recognise that your home is a presentation of you. By making it cosy and welcoming, reflecting your personality, visitors won’t dwell on the size of your house.

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