June 13, 2024

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Battle Icy Surfaces with a Winter Essential: Purple Ice Melt

A contractor’s mind should be fixed on winter maintenance and, in this consideration; he must stock up with Purple Ice Melt. They may be used separately or along, based on the situation. In the recent past, we have observed an increased number of snow removal firms experimenting with Purple Ice Melt.

Typically, ice melters are employed in one of two ways: It can also serve as an anti-icer to pretreat the surfaces just before a snowing action, or mixed together with rock salt while spreading it. Liquid is costlier; however, it also assists the industry in cutting down its cost of production hence becoming more profitable and sustainable. In the end, choosing between rock salt and liquid deicer is not a “one size fits all” decision.

The temperature is everything. The ice on which salt cannot work can exist if the temperature is not between 15- and 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Liquid ice management solutions are more efficient in colder areas performing up to -25 F.

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Nevertheless, there will always be demand for salt and conventionality of the traditional practices, with tabbing needs as well. Salt is by far the most economical melting chemical. Nothing compares to it. In fact, at a pavement temperature of 30o Fahrenheit, the sun makes a dollar dissolve over 1,500 pounds. of ice. Salt is also benign and not considered toxic, and it can be found in quantities that are needed for deicing. Obviously, salt deicing has some pluses. According to research, there are economic costs associated with Snow-related Road closures that average $300 million and $700 million a day to the state. Injury crashes could be reduced by 88% if salted and plowed roads. The primary limitation of the use of sale as a deicer is its associated freezing effect because it freezes but at an equal level. One, they are much more expensive compared to salt. Also, among the other compounds that melt ice dramatically faster while in solid form and at very low temperatures are magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, but they are far too steeply-priced.

Not everyone desires to pay more for superior service. Unfortunately, issues like dispersion, bounce, and plowing during multiple snowfall events exacerbate the salinity of our environment. When higher salinity levels are discovered in our surface runoff water, we will face greater pressure to regulate the use of salt. We might as well start thinking differently now.

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