July 15, 2024

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Fencing Your Property Flawlessly!

Wouldn’t it be scary waking up to find a coyote in your garden? Even scarier when you realize your pet went missing? Fences; establish your domain and give you a sense of safety and satisfaction. They also add up to the aesthetic of a place and can be used to build a private setting.

Fences can be built with a variety of materials like aluminum, iron, stone etc. A wooden fence however stands out and is very much recommended.

Wooden fences can be made of various types of wood. Cedar, Redwood and pressure treated pine; being the most preferred due to their withstanding, resistance, and long lasting nature.

What is Cedar wood?

Cedar is classified as softwood and has been used in houses and decking since eons.

Aspects that make Cedar wood a favorable choice for fencing-

A] Longevity

Fencing isn’t something one would want to do every day. It is very much a one-time investment. When fencing; the most important dimension to look at is the fence material’s durability. Cedar has a long history of being durable. It is moisture absorbent, resistant to insect attacks and rot.

Most importantly, Cedar never rusts, which is a feature that makes it superior to aluminum. With the precise and regular maintenance, there’s absolutely nothing that can go wrong with Cedar wood fencing.

B] Aesthetic appeal

Wooden fencing can be customized and shaped according to your imaginations and requirements, hence increasing the aesthetic appeal of your property.

C] Affordability

Wood defeats all the other fencing materials when it comes to affordability. Wood is the least expensive material to build a fence. Though stone fencing looks secure and beautiful; when we are considering the monetary aspect, stone, aluminum or any other material doesn’t get better than wood.

D] Property value increases

Fencing your property not only ensures your safety and privacy but also assures that when your property goes on the market, it is going to be heavily paid for.

The value of fencing has never reduced. Fences are very appealing to the buyers, especially wood fences since they require less maintenance charges and almost never require a replacement. Additionally; fences are always a barrier to keep the little ones and pets safe.


Affordable, durable, safe and secure, easy to maintain and aesthetic, what more could one even ask for when considering their house fence. Innumerable other benefits can only be experienced by installing a Spec wood Cedar fence; a fence that makes your home feel like home, and marks your territory.

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