July 15, 2024

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Handy Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Furniture Looking its Best

Depending on how often you use your outdoor furniture, as well as the type of material it’s made of, there may be a few maintenance tasks and things you will need to do in order to keep your outdoor furniture looking good long after you’ve bought it. Outdoor furniture in Brisbane should be cared for with special attention due to the adverse and often humid weather that accompanies the area. This article will go over some handy tips and strategies you can use to keep your outdoor furniture looking its best. 

Store It Properly

If you won’t be using your outdoor furniture for an extended period of time, it’s important that the furniture is stored and kept in an area that is protected from the elements. Outdoor furniture in Brisbane that is left outside for long periods of time will be more prone to dulling, and in the cases of outdoor furniture made from woods such as teak or cedar, being left out in the elements can make the furniture more prone to cracking and splitting. In most cases, simple furniture coverings should suffice as long as they’re wrapped around the furniture neatly and tightly. You can also opt for furniture coverings made from more durable and resistant materials that are designed to repel dust, insects and animal droppings. 

Clean It When Needed

Outdoor furniture in Brisbane can get dirty quickly, so it’s important to clean it on a regular basis. In most cases, a mild soap detergent and water mixture will be enough to clean the furniture and get rid of any excess dirt and grime you find on the furniture. Although there are specially formulated furniture cleaning products on the market as well as steel wool brushes for this purpose, in general, it’s best to avoid especially abrasive cleaning methods where possible. This is because not all furniture materials will respond to chemicals and cleaning materials the same way. Specialised furniture materials such as teak and wicker may require their own unique products that are formulated for those material types only. Keeping the kind of material you’re working with in mind is important to avoid damaging your outdoor furniture during routine cleaning. 

Protect It from the Sun

It’s no secret that outdoor furniture in Brisbane will see a lot of exposure to the sun in its lifetime. However, too much sun can damage outdoor furniture, so it’s important to protect it from direct sunlight when possible. Sometimes this can be as simple as moving your outdoor furniture into a more shaded or obscured part of your outdoor area. If you can’t avoid the sun, consider using a furniture cover to protect your pieces when they’re not in use. 

Be Careful When Moving It

When you’re moving outdoor furniture, be careful not to scratch or damage it. While this may seem like an obvious tip, if you’re in a hurry or if you’re just not paying attention to what you’re doing, it’s easy to become complacent with how you’re moving your furniture. Being mindful of how you move your furniture will also go a long way to preventing damage to the walls, floors and fixtures of your property too.

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