July 15, 2024

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How Do Heat Pumps Function?

Before we go over how to preserve a heat pump, let’s first talk a little concerning how a heat pump functions. Heat pumps run differently than a traditional air conditioning system or furnace since they do not produce cold or warm air. Rather, they relocate warm around to attain the home heating as well as cooling procedure.

In the summertime, a heat pump extracts excess warmth from your home, sending it outdoors, or below ground in geothermal systems. During the winter season, the heat pump draws heat from outdoor air, relocates inside your home to heat your living locations.

Heating systems, on the other hand, produce warmth, via the burning of nonrenewable fuel sources or electrical resistance. AC unit, as well as a heat pump, run in a similar method to cool down a house, yet an air conditioner cannot perform home heating functions as a heat pump can.

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Executing Heat Pump Upkeep

If your home is geared up with a heat pump, there are particular heat pump maintenance steps you should take throughout the year to protect the performance as well as efficiency of your devices.

  • Change the air filter as needed. Inspect the filter producer’s referral for frequency while considering special aspects about your home that may boost the frequency for modifications, such as pets or smoking cigarettes in the residence.
  • Never keep products around your exterior heat pump. This consists of yard tools, patio furniture, as well as exterior toys. Get rid of snow as well as ice from your unit’s exterior in the winter months. This stops damages as well as permits air to move easily to the unit.
  • Keep outside coils tidy year-round. Cut off power to the device and make use of a pipe to clear away dirt. Keep vegetation at least 24 inches back from your heat pump to allow for proper air movement.
  • Flush the device’s condensate pan and drain to eliminate clogs that could cause mold growth and also water damage to the bordering locations.

Specialist Heat Pump Maintenance

Furnaces and air conditioning systems each call for upkeep as soon as annually. Because they offer both functions, the heat pump must be maintained twice annually: when before the heating season, as well as when before the cooling down period. During specialist maintenance, the emergency repairs specialists carry out the inspections to guarantee your device is ready to fulfill the needs of the coming season.

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