July 15, 2024

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Mirror Care: How To Take Care Of Mirrors In Your Home

Mirrors are a great addition to any space. For one, they make the room look bigger, and two, they reflect light and brighten a room. They are also versatile and come in different styles. This, in turn, means that you can choose from the wide variety of designs and styles that a mirror can have. They range from modern to traditional, ornate to simple, or even lighted.

After installing the mirrors in your house, what next? For them to look good at all times, it is essential to take good care of them. Here are 5 ways to take good care of your mirrors.

1) Dust the mirrors

Dusting your mirrors with a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth, for its ability to grab dust without being abrasive. This will buff away any dirt and grime from the surface of the mirror. You can also use a slight solution of dish soap and water mixed in a spray bottle as an alternative means to clean a dirty mirror without damaging it.

2) Clean them more often

When doing your general cleaning, you need to also clean your mirrors and the frames. Dirty mirrors are unattractive and can be an unhealthy place for germs to live. The more frequently you clean your mirrors, the less you will have to worry about them becoming dirty again soon. When cleaning the mirrors, do not forget to clean the frames too. You can use the same solution of dish soap and water mixed in with some vinegar, or you can also buy ready-made window cleaners at your local department store.

3) Avoid touching the mirror

By all means, do not touch the mirror with your fingers, as they are likely to leave behind some marks which are quite difficult to remove. If you need to adjust the mirror, make sure that your hands are clean, and you use a cloth to remove the marks afterward.

4) Avoid sharp objects near the mirror

Of course, you should avoid damaging your mirror on purpose, but if an accident happens, you can always replace it. Sometimes you may also need to replace the mirror trim altogether, especially if the impact was big and destroyed the frame. The good thing is that installing the mirror trim is a fairly simple job that even an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer can complete in just under five minutes.

5) Use the right mirror leaners

Lastly, you need to use the right mirror cleaners to clean the mirrors in your home. Avoid cleaners with heavy ammonia bases as they can damage the reflective coating on your mirror. Stay away from abrasives cleaners, as they can scratch the surface of your mirror and cause permanent damage. If you don’t have access to lint-free paper towels, use clean cotton cloths instead.

If you follow these simple steps, you should be able to clean your mirrors properly without damaging them in any kind of way.

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