July 15, 2024

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Incredible upgrades: signs it’s time to remodel your bathroom  

The bathroom should be a blissful sanctuary. But if a dirty, gungy, spaceless cesspool greets you every time you enter then it is certainly time to do something about it. The last thing we need when we’re trying to get ready for a big day ahead is a space that is filthy and far gone – we should feel cool, calm and collected as we prepare ourselves for the day’s unknown!

If you notice any of these (or anything else) unpleasantries every time you enter your washroom then you know it’s time for a remodel:

  • It’s layout gives you the ick

We can’t say why exactly, but outdated floor plans always seem counterintuitive to getting ready in peace. This is where the best bathroom products and showrooms in Ringwood can help. They will provide you with the perfect idea of how to create the ideal floor plan, with products designed to blend seamlessly into the space and make it incredibly comfortable for your getting ready pleasure.

So, if you find that your accessories, fixtures and vanities are sticking out in all the wrong places, chances are you have some pre-21st Century floor plan that is really not conducive to modern on-the-move living – time for a remodel!

  • It isn’t spacious enough

This ties into the last point: you really must have room to move in your washroom. After all, a poky space is one that does nothing but to stress out. Being stressed is the last thing we need when we’re trying to get ready for what could already be a stressful day ahead. As such, we have to feel that we can move with ease or at least have the illusion that we can.

If, when designing your new floor plan, there is room for more space – fantastic! But you can also implement a few cheeky tricks to give the room a feeling of more space. Think getting rid of that old school shower curtain and bringing in a frameless screen; painting the place with bright colours; enhancing the natural light (without enhancing the neighbours’ view into the bathroom!); install larger mirrors and more – the tricks are abundant and they work wonders.

  • You have no storage space

Anothing thing those old school designs lacked was storage space. You have your sink cabinet and that is it. This gunky old cabinet is big enough to hold a couple of toothbrushes and some shaving cream, and can’t accommodate the beauty, health and hygiene goods we tend to keep in modern times.

As such, if you see that your current design doesn’t allow for comfortable storage, then it’s probably time to renegotiate the terms of your washroom. Ensure that you have the space to store your possessions comfortably and with ease when you need them!

  • You simply feel uncomfortable in it

And why should you? After all, it’s your house, and you should be able to use your very own bathroom without wondering why you bought the whole house in the first place. If this space is making you feel a bit, meh, or like you could scream every time you bump your elbow on an incongruous towel rack, then perhaps it is certainly time to consider your options.

One of those options is, of course, an ultimate remodel. A remodel can give your space that beauty and comfort that you need and deserve to ensure you have an incredible day ahead, and not make you leave the house full of pent-up homeowner resentment…

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