July 15, 2024

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Lamps and lighting: Your Ultimate Guide

These are many reasons why you should consider having lamps installed in your house. The most important thing that you need to remember is to always go for good-looking, affordable, high-quality, and high-performance lamps. Union Lighting lamps have all these qualities and are worth buying if you are interested in lamps. 

Reasons for Having Lamps

Adding a lamp to your house or any other space has many good reasons behind it, such as:

  • They are very easy to install
  • They are incredibly elegant and decorative
  • They offer an excellent way to supplement fixed lighting
  • They fit in tight spaces
  • They are very portable can be moved easily from one space to another
  • They give a fantastic sense of scale to your house
  • They can act as a layered lighting plan

Basic Types:

The basic types of lamps include:

  1. Desk lamps
  2. Table lamps
  3. Swing arm lamps

Let’s explore the types individually!

Desk Lamps (Best for homes and Offices)

Desk lamps are perhaps among the most popular types of lamps. They are the favorite types of lamps of children, students, teachers, and officers as well. 

What makes it better than all other lamps is that they offer both accent and ambient types of lighting; they are the best of all sorts of tasks, which is what makes them highly functional. 

Table Lamps (Best for bedrooms and living rooms)

The primary function and purpose of these lamps are ambiance and decoration. Most people prefer these lamps because they come in very stylish designs. Make sure that your table lamps have the right line of sight, circumference, weight, and energy efficiency. 

Swing Arm Lamps (Best for bedrooms and libraries) 

These are lamps with wall sconces and easily adjustable arms. They can be put very easily in any position and are incredibly flexible. They can either be used as a primary source of lighting or used in addition to general lighting. Remember to not install these lamps either too low or too high. 


Lamps are one of the few sources of light that are beautiful, durable, affordable, and easy to install at the same time. Most lamps are highly inexpensive and add a very good aesthetic touch to your living space. 

They are also best for any spaces, whether they are residential, commercial, or office. Just make sure that the lamps you buy are high quality, durable, and high performance. 

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