April 14, 2024

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Shopping Hacks When Buying a 2ft 6 Mattress

If you are thinking about buying a small single 2ft 6 mattress but are not sure if this size is the best choice, you will find the following post to be of use. There are plenty of affordable small single 2 6 mattresses to suit all price points, and you don’t have to do without a great night’s sleep if your budget is limited. 


When shopping for a mattress, the most important thing to evaluate is the comfort level. Even if you purchase the most expensive model, you won’t have a good sleeping experience if it is not comfortable for you. What to look for in a mattress is the firmness and type of materials used, as well as the size.

How long do 2ft 6 mattresses last?

Regardless of price or size, most mattresses will last between 7 and 10 years. However, many variables can impact a mattress’s lifespan. The quality of the mattress, the fabrics used, and your weight and sleeping habits can all affect longevity.

Will a small single mattress sleep an adult?

Small single mattresses are also known as narrow single mattresses and are the smallest adult UK bed size available. It measures 75x190cm or 2’6″ x 6’3″, So it’s the same length as a standard double bed or a regular single, and therefore long enough for most adults, but it’s 15cm or 6 inches narrower.

Don’t expect to find one small single mattress that is the best model for everyone. When you’re buying a mattress, remember to look for one that suits you, not the mattress that experts praise as the best on the market.

Find the right size for your needs

If you feel restricted by a narrow 2ft 6 bed, then you might need a more spacious size. A double may be large for a single person, but it’s wonderful if you like the extra space. King-sized mattresses are made for couples with large bedrooms and offer plenty of space. A standard single is adequate for most single people, but if your space is limited, a small single may be the best option.

Firmness labels are not always correct

One manufacturer’s extra firm mattress may be equivalent to another brand’s medium firm choice. You can’t always trust the firmness label.

Test the mattress

Most high street bed shops will permit you to lie down on their beds for testing purposes, so take advantage of this.

Read consumer reviews if buying online

Reviews give you a reasonably good idea of the popular mattresses on sale online and allow you to make a shortlist of the huge number of options when buying a mattress online.

Firmer is not always better

You need enough firmness in a bed to properly support your spine and other pressure points on the body. But too much firmness can cause discomfort and prevent your spine from keeping its natural curvature during sleep.

Softer is not always optimal

A very soft mattress may sag under the middle section of the spine, resulting in poor posture and possible back pain.

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