June 13, 2024

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The Top Signs You Might Need Emergency Tree Removal


Having a few well-maintained trees in your yard can not only improve the overall beauty of your property but also infuse it with a sense of life. However, sometimes, you need to get rid of the trees that threaten to harm the structural integrity of your property or harm your kids and pets that wander in your lawn. To do so, you can search “tree service near me” online to hire professionals who offer tree removal services.

The Signs

Here are the top signs that indicate you require emergency tree removal:

  1. Your tree looks diseased and sick – Trees can get sick and diseased when they get infected by viruses, pests, and fungi they harm trees by killing them slowly from the inside. A few common signs of sick or diseased trees include dusty mildew on the surface of the trees, holes in the bark and leaves, dead branches, wilted, burnt, yellow, or spotted leaves, lumpy or spherical growth, clusters of new shoots, and more.

Sick or diseased trees often become unsalvageable, and they pose a risk of spreading the disease to nearby trees and even suddenly collapsing on your property. Thus, it is necessary to hire professional arborists who can remove such trees properly and ensure there is no risk of the disease spreading to nearby trees.

  1. Your tree is leaning – Due to various reasons such as extreme weather damage, old age, or being sick or diseased, trees may start to lean to one side. A small vertical inclination may not be any cause for concern but if your tree is leaning more than 15 degrees it is necessary to consult an expert and ask for their advice. Oftentimes, a professional arborist may recommend that you remove the tree before they fall on their own and cause irreparable structural damage to your property.
  1. Your tree has suffered weather damage – Trees that have suffered the fury of strong winds, storms, lightning, and heavy rain often suffer from extreme damage and it is crucial to remove such trees since they can fall any time and damage your home, car, or any other area.

Generally, strong winds from tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, and even rainstorms can uproot the tree or even twist them. The trunk of weak trees can snap during the storms and make them fall over. 

Heavy ice build-up due to intense snowfall can cause the tree to split or collapse under the weight of the snow or at least cause a few branches to break off. 

Flooding or heaving rain can expose the roots of trees by washing away the sediments, weakening the anchor of the root which can cause the tree to fall sooner or later.

Lightning strikes can also split trees in half, slice off their branches, or even cause them to explode. It can also burn the roots and bark of the tree.

  1. Your tree has large dead or withering branches – If you notice that large branches of your tree are dead or withering, it is necessary to perform an emergency tree removal or at least support the branches until professionals come to help. Dead and decaying branches are sure to fall and can cause extreme damage to anything that comes under it.

It is especially true if you notice that the branches of your tree are in close proximity to your home, your neighbor’s home structure, or cables. Even if you believe that the branches are hanging on, a sudden heavy storm can cause the branch to fall over the roof of your house or your neighbor’s house which can cost a ton to fix. 

And, if the branches fall over a power line, it can pose a serious fire hazard which can not only damage your property but become a threat to the whole neighborhood.

  1. You notice cavities in the trunk of the tree – If you notice any cavity or hollow sections in the interior of your tree, it is time to get rid of them as soon as possible. This is pretty common in old and mature trees, and it indicates structural damage due to malnutrition, disease-causing pests, or other issues. It is better to call a professional to take care of the problem before parts of the tree including the large branches fall over and cause damage to your property.
  1. You notice sprouts coming from the tree – If you notice sprouts or small green plants or stems growing on the surface of a tree, it means serious problems. Sprouts only grow on trees that are unhealthy or even dying. And they steal nutrition and resources from the parent tree which means the parent tree won’t survive for long. Thus, it is necessary to remove such trees before they grow too weak to sustain their structural integrity.
  1. The roots of the tree have been exposed – As mentioned before, natural calamities can severely harm trees but oftentimes, the damage done may not be noticeable until later or it becomes too late. For instance, strong winds can often expose the roots of the trees, but the tree may look otherwise healthy.

However, exposed roots mean that the tree has already become partially uprooted, and it poses a risk that the tree will fall over in the future. Exposed roots can also suffer future damage more easily and without a strong root system, the tree can start to lean to one side and may not be able to receive proper nutrition which can cause even more damage to the tree. Thus, you should not delay in removing trees that have their roots exposed.


It is not a good idea to overlook the signs that indicate your tree is dying and not take any action to remove the dying tree. Also, never try to remove a tree by yourself since it can result in unexpected accidents. We recommend you search “tree service near me” on Google to hire a reputed tree removal service provider as soon as you notice the signs listed in this article.

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