April 14, 2024

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4 Compelling Reasons to Get the Condo Inspected Before Buying it 

Some home buyers rush with the decision of buying a condo. If you find that the view is stellar and the home has a fancy bathtub, you might skip certain important things like the air quality and attic insulation. 

Don’t be in a hurry – you need to get the property inspected before buying it. The seller might not get the home inspection done before selling it, but as a buyer and a wise consumer, you need to get the home inspected. 

Here’s a quick post that highlights the four compelling reasons to get the condo inspected before buying it. Let’s dive into the post! 

#1 The Condo Might be Needing More Smoke Alarms 

If you have kids, the elderly, and pets at home, mishaps are a possibility. Since most condos are connected to one another, one unit’s fire situation might affect another unit. The neighboring places may not have adequate smoke alarms, but the condo you are thinking of buying should have a greater number of smoke alarms. 

#2 Are the balconies safe? 

Balconies may be too dangerous. Have you checked it? You might love the view from the balcony, but checking the safety before buying it is crucial. Shoddy workmanship or water infiltration can become a major issue – it makes the balconies unsafe. 

The home inspector will check the balcony and its safety. After all, you need a safe space for your kids, pets, elderly people, and yourself. 

#3 Checking the attic insulation 

Attics tend to be cold and creepy. We see too many horror movies being shot in attics. You want the home’s attic to be properly insulated. It affects the temperature of your home throughout the year. The home inspector will ensure that this part is checked thoroughly. 

#4 You get to know about the current deficiencies of the home 

It’s good to know about the current deficiencies of the home. If the home is not inspected properly before the sale takes place, you can’t question the seller later on. 

In case there are any deficiencies, let the seller know and they will take care of it. 

Summing up 

Buying a new home is on everyone’s wish list. If you are spending a fortune on this condo and wish to stay there with your family, getting a pre-sale inspection is a necessity. 

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