July 15, 2024

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Do You Know How Often You Must Clean The Dryer Vent In Montreal?

Often you may get frustrated if your clothes do not get dried when you place them on your dryer. You may tend to think that perhaps you did not clean the dryer vent enough for some time.  So let us understand how often your Nettoyeurs Provincial de Conduits d’Air (In English Provincial Air Conduction Networks) must be cleaned in Montreal. 

As springtime is approaching, you must ensure to include your dryer vent in your cleaning schedule. Your clogged dryer vent may cost you a little more money and often may be a cause of house fire too.

The following are the signs that your dryer vent needs cleaning:

  • You find that your clothes need much longer time to dry than usual
  • Both your clothing as well as the exterior of a dryer is getting overheated
  • There are lots of debris present around your dryer hose
  • Your vent hood flap will not open properly
  • For over a period of year your dryer vent was not inspected
  • You often notice a strange type of burning smell on your clothes
  • Your laundry room often feels too hot when your dryer is running.

How often your dryer vent must be cleaned?

As per the experts, your lint trap vent must be cleaned at least one time in a year. However, you may clean more often depending upon the following few factors:

  • Your family size

If your family size is very large there will be more clothes that you need to wash almost daily. If you use your dryer more often each day then higher is going to be the lint amount that it will accumulate. Therefore, it has to be cleaned more times within a year than normal.

  • Presence of pets

Many of you must be keeping your pets at your home. If it is so, then your vents are going to get clogged more frequently as compared to any home where there are no pets available. So, if you have pets, then it will be important that you must clean the dryer much more frequently for removing pet fur or hair from the vent.

If you are regularly cleaning the dryer vent and in spite of that still you have trouble getting all your clothes dry, then you must call a professional to check your dryer. In Montreal, there are repair services available and they can get back your dryer to its original condition.

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